Brilliant Encounter with Vivien Durand

Nature pétillante

A sparkling meeting between two chefs.

Simple but frenetic, such was the challenge of this fourth meeting between the jeweller Dominique Giuliani and the starred chef Vivien Durand. In the kitchens of the famous restaurant Le Prince Noir, which proudly overlooks the Aquitaine bridge of Bordeaux, our two artisans jointly shaped a gastronomic dish as sparkling as it is refined. The tastes, colours, textures and presentation of this exceptional dish are the perfect reflection of the dazzling Morpheus ring by Giuliani-Joaillier.

The recipe of the starred chef

Citrus sun and its crown of squid

The essence of explosive simplicity in the mouth.

This brightly coloured plate is composed of a combination of original flavours: that of squid, chef Vivien Durand's favourite cephalopod, accompanied by a sparkling bouquet of citrus fruit.

Through the legendary precision of his cooking, Vivien Durand strives to restore the squid to its natural state. From the bewitching and rigorous shape it takes on fire, an extremely lively element emerges. To enhance its delicate taste, the chef combines it with the freshness of a mix of grapefruit, orange and raw orange peel.

Barely spiced up with a hint of salt, pepper, Espelette chilli pepper and a dash of rapeseed oil, this astonishing accord with tangy and sunny notes makes our eyes sparkle like the sparkle of the Morpheus ring.

The jewel of the jeweller-artisan


A radiant heart surrounded by diamond petals.

When Morpheus, god of dreams, touches the souls of those he meets with poppy petals, the intoxication of dreams arises. That of the love that brings two beings together to form a pure and delicate moment.

Through this ring, Dominique Giuliani offers us the emotion of the first kiss, this first time so coveted and so desired. The sensation that our heart explodes, like a fireworks display, is represented here by the sparkle of this incredible spessartite garnet and of the multiple diamonds that adorn this flamboyant heart.

The jeweller-artisan and the starred chef

Dominique Giuliani and Vivien Durand

A new encounter under the sign of authenticity and know-how.

From the assembly of raw products to delicate seasonings, this simple plate with sparkling flavours is a perfect reflection of the jewel. The gastronomic work is the mirror of the jeweller's work. The central ingredient is the stone. The condiments those of ornamental diamonds.

Dominique and Vivien share the same vision of work and craftsmanship and this is reflected in their four gastronomic interpretations. They work with raw food like precious stones and alloys. As for the precision of their gestures and techniques, it brings that touch of exception so much sought-after in their two prestigious worlds.

Creativity and techniques have no limits. The brilliant encounters imagined by Dominique Giuliani have once again created a unique link between two creators, but also a link between two exceptional French know-how: gastronomy and jewellery.

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