The stones

The story of a Giuliani jewel always begins with an encounter. The encounter with a stone, that invite us to discover the imaginary.

For this masterpiece, Dominique Giuliani seeks perfection with a selected quality, with character and an extra touch of soul. He seeks that emotion at the origin of all human history.

Unheated Burmese Sapphire 8.52 carats SSEF certificate

A story of trust

Dominique Giuliani believes that the exceptional character of a stone comes from a unique balance between its intensity, purity, originality and weight. Dominique Giuliani has a great passion for the discovery of "emotional" stones.

His ongoing quest is supported by his international network of expert gemstones dealers and traders. His know-how has been recognized for twenty years in the diamond and gemstones markets. The jeweller’s reputation has always been based on trust.

Lavender spinels

A journey to the land of stones

From Antwerp to Bangkok, via Sri Lanka, Dominique Giuliani is in constant contact with the stone markets. The confidential world of gems is demanding and each journey in the “land of stones” leads to the discovery of unique pieces, with the most prized origins. Stones from Ceylon, Mozambique and Burma. From Namibia or Tanzania. It is by meeting them that he discovers diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds with character. He also knows how to recognize the stunning charm of green tourmalines, demantoid garnets, and other pink topaz, which will seduce stone lovers at first sight. The story starts here.

7.24 carat paraiba tourmaline and 5.05 carat spessartite garnet

Encounters and transmission

Each stone has its own story, made of encounters and transmissions. The gems are like torches we pass on delicately. Steeped in history, celebration of the present or treasure of tomorrow, gems are immortal. They can be discovered, sold, bought, offered and passed on endlessly.

Each gem has its own story, made of several stories. A rendezvous with a pure Princess D cut diamond asleep in the depths of China, the discovery of a Burmese sapphire witness of the human folly, an encounter in Sri Lanka with a Padparadscha sapphire... Dominique Giuliani is filled with stories about extraordinary stones.

Antique jewelry and old-cut diamonds

The collection

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