Giuliani Private collection

The metaphor of an inner journey, inspired by magical places and mythical loves.

An aquatic escapade, imbued with imagination. The memory of amorous adventures lulled by Greek deities. Dominique Giuliani takes us on this universal journey, intimately divulging himself both as a creator and as a man amongst men. Let yourself be seduced by the sensory and emotional experience of life’s rich pattern. An all-encompassing 9-step journey of love, that reveals, over the months, refined, unique and symbolic pieces of jewellery.

July revelation

Daphne & Apollo

The discovery of a sublime resume about Gaia and her emergence from chaos. This pair of pastel stones invokes the nymph Daphne, gently embodying the power of timber, and Apollo, the God of eternal youth who falls head over heels in love with her. Here we are in the heart of Olympus, at the beginning of their love tale, so similar to many of ours in a number of ways.

September revelation

Eros and Psyche

Whether as a simple gift or as a pledge of love, the flower symbolises seduction. Inspired by the subtle tones of blues and purples that embrace the maritime horizon, these precious canopies, entangled together with hidden birds, lead us to the paradise of Eros, where all that exists becomes one. Giving such a bouquet is as much an opportunity to intoxicate oneself with beauty, as it is to enter into a land of dreams.

October revelation


As intriguing as a first kiss, the power of a bright orange gemstone amazes and enshrouds with happiness. Like the poppy of Morpheus, the god of dreams, which plunges you into the most phantasmagorical of states, this fiery display of immaculate diamonds symbolises an irresistibly delicate intoxication. A corolla of fragile flowers carrying a flamboyantly beating heart.

November revelation


Declare your love with romance, open your soul with a beating heart... Whether of passionate pink or of vivacious green, will this precious heart make her head spin? Entwined with diamonds, this emblem of the first woven bond is the most intimate of gifts. As Ariadne's thread, or as a fatal tie, such as that of Aphrodite's magic belt, it vows the magical power of perpetual desire.

December revelation


Two mint green gems, proudly planted on either side of a superb pale pink stone. This majestic ring symbolises Heracles’ embodied strength. The hero, immortal amongst the gods, with twelve labours to his name, carries us into the tender and passionate intertwining of indomitable loves. His divine power awaits us at the crossroads of the unconscious pathways.

January revelation


The legendary shrine for the union of Eros and Psyche, or the seal of confidential letters? This emerald dome, protector of a precious amalgam of jumbled diamonds, characterises the commitment of eternal love. Just like a profession of faith concluded through marriage, it symbolises the union of two lovers, under the protection of Aphrodite, the goddess of amorous understanding who arouses fruitful passions.

June revelation


Just as Leto, Titanid of Maternity, this ring carries the long-awaited first child at arm's length. Like the perfect cushion-shaped gem, as rare as it is surprising, this deep blue gift takes us to the seashore, source of eternal life. Highlighted by the outline of protective volutes, reminiscent of this loving maternal goddess, this jewel reveals the most precious treasure to the world.

July Revelation

Athena’s aegis

The sparkling contrast of this bright yellow diamond is both nourishing and reassuring. Evoking Athena, a formidable warrior wearing her breastplate, her aegis and her golden spear and armour, this pendant - featuring sharp oblong white diamond arrows - forms a precious shield. Like a luminous totem, it will radiate your aura and protect you from those threats that destabilise and wound men’s hearts.

September revelation


An orange jewel that amazes and reassures, like the velvet of a cushion adorned with a starry crown. It is the joy and serenity of the return to mother earth. Emerging from chaos, Gaia gives birth to Uranus, a starry sky, a safe abode for the happy gods and for the entire universe. This sacred ring binds us forever to Mother Nature and to these divinities, symbols of eternal renewal.

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