« I look at you, you look at me, like a mirror-reflection searching for itself, we recognise each other. The magic of a moment, side by side, our differences come together.

You, goddess Daphne, you are the life and the essence of nature, free and independent.

I, your handsome Apollo, the one who captivates and softens the hearts of men, I am the heat of the sun which surrounds and nourishes with eternal youth.

This much-coveted outburst of love is the prerogative of your green youth, the freshness of your spontaneous joy. Do I dare to approach, to break the distance, I hesitate ... should I take the risk? Hereby, we are one, like these delicately matched gems. The audacity to be united, to be together, for just a moment ... or maybe indefinitely.»

White gold earrings set with a 6.93 carats oval cut Kunzite, a 5.43 carats oval cut green tourmaline, lavender Spinelles, fancy cut Tsavorite garnets and brilliant-cut diamond.

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