Brilliant Encounter with Benjamin Toursel

Déclaration fruitée

Sensitivity, vivacity and lightness are the master words of this third meeting between Dominique Giuliani and Benjamin Toursel.

It is with great sensitivity that the jeweler and the starred chef start this new Brilliant Encounter, in the kitchens of the restaurant L'auberge Le Prieuré. This time, the two chefs decided to start with a sweet notes plate, representing the Venus ring and its pink sapphire heart. A declaration of love, a beating heart, a passionate rose... so many expressions representing this piece of jewelry, which inspired Benjamin Toursel. To create the gastronomic mirror of this jewel and symbolize the declaration of love, the chef lets his imagination run wild, just like Dominique Giuliani does when he creates his jewelry pieces.

The recipe of the starred chef

Frothy ganache with violet, raspberry heart and brittle rhubarb.

Venus, the starred chef Benjamin Toursel's favorite.

At first glance, the curves, the finesse and the virtuosity of the Venus ring instantly seduce the chef. Initially intrigued by the movement of the ribbon, which embraces the center stone, he finally manages to imagine a gourmet plate, combining flavors and colors. Through this romantic composition, the chef takes us to the heart of the most beautiful declaration of love.

For this slightly sweet but very tasty dessert, Benjamin Toursel selects fruity, local and seasonal products, so that each bite brings out the taste qualities of the ingredients :

  • To honor the red berries, the chef chooses the raspberry, a delicious fruit with a delicate fragrance. Its perfect balance between sweetness and acidity make it one of Benjamin Toursel's favorite fruits. It is in the heart of his plate that he presents it in the form of a compote.
  • Around this flowing heart, a fresh and airy violet foamy structure is wrapped. This ganache made of cream and white chocolate brings softness and sublimates the acidulous notes of the raspberry, in a perfect alliance.
  • The performance of textures is created little by little. To add crunch to the plate, strips of crystallized and dried rhubarb are mounted in a knot and delicately placed on the mousse.
  • For the final touch, the starred chef adds crystallized rose petals, to represent the brilliance of the jewel's diamonds. The elements of the dish respond to each other and merge, creating a real harmony.

The jewel of the jeweller-artisan


Embraced by diamonds, this jewel transports us straight to the land of love and beauty, whose goddess Venus is the origin.

The emotion is there. This unique moment, that we have postponed so many times. That of the declaration of a pure and sincere love to our beloved. Like an ode to love, the Venus ring hides behind its heart, the symbol of the first link woven between two souls in love.

With this 3.69 carat sapphire of a pink as bright as it is passionate, the jeweler Dominique Giuliani plunges us into the exaltation of revelation. This ring and its sparkling diamond bow reveal the soul of a creator in love with the most beautiful gems but also with passion itself.

The jeweller-artisan and the starred chef

Dominique Giuliani and Benjamin Toursel

A dish with sweet flavors, the new challenge of this Brilliant Encounter.

For our two chefs, the plate inspired by the Venus ring is one of the most creative that has been created. Colors, delicacy, artistic curves, all these elements are identical to the gastronomic work and the jewelry piece. Like the Venus ring, the flavors reveal finesse and simplicity. As for the dressing, it shows a very elaborate technicality.

For this Brilliant Encounter, Dominique Giuliani and Benjamin Toursel let themselves be transported by the scents of love. They play with the textures, colors and movements of the ribbons, to make the visual even more interesting. Just like when he manipulates his gems with a stone tong, the jeweler uses a culinary tong to harmoniously assemble the different elements of the plate. Whether sourcing stones for jewelry or quality ingredients for gastronomy, both men give their all with the same intensity.

The taste for authenticity and the need to provoke emotions have led this creative duo to share their passion for exceptional French know-how.

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