Brilliant Encounter with Vivien Durand

Fusion Terre-Mer

Invite a starred chef to feel and transcribe the imagination of a jeweler.

For the second time, Dominique Giuliani invites starred chef Vivien Durand to draw inspiration from his private collection to imagine an exceptional dish. This second "Haute Jo - Gastro" encounter honors the Eros ring, a prestigious bouquet of blue sapphires and diamonds, symbol of love flirtation. The starred chef immediately perceives the main source of jeweler Dominique Giuliani's imagination: land and sea, two naturally opposed worlds in their raw state.

The recipe of the starred chef

Barely cooked lobster and fine cabbage flower

Chef Vivien Durand totally shares Dominique Giuliani's wonder for the raw nature.

Iodized, raw, floral... the immediate intuition of an earth-sea fusion... the starred chef's imagination intuitively directs the gastronomic projection of this exceptional ring towards two powerful ingredients: lobster and cauliflower.

  • Lobster has always fascinated Vivien Durand for its ability to "transform without transformation". To awaken the senses, the chef wants it to be resolutely marine, rocky, reefy! He chooses to enhance it simply with a light but powerful flame that will accentuate its carcass taste while preserving its natural blue color.
  • As for the cauliflower, it brings us back directly to the earth. For the floral connotation, the chef cuts it in carpaccio. For the games of texture, he works it in semolina. The freshness and the power of the inflorescence balance perfectly with the iodized taste of the shellfish, and bring a sensation of calm and light coldness during the tasting.

The jewel of the jeweller-artisan


Like a canopy of diamonds dominating the sea horizon, the Eros ring takes us to the top of the pine forests of the Peloponnese.

At first glance, this artwork reveals an enchanting universe where charming flowers and secret birds mingle… From this subtle composition of sapphires and diamonds with distant origins, emanates the attractive power of a fresh and raw nature.

The imagination of the jeweller Dominique Giuliani transports us to the paradise of Eros. This land of passionate dreams, where the lovers, who have lost their minds, offer irresistible bouquets to declare their most secret desires.

Discover the jewel

The jeweller-artisan and the starred chef

Dominique Giuliani and Vivien Durand

A pure moment of technical and artistic complicity between the two chefs.

A braised lobster, like brazing an alloy.
A chopped cauliflower, like cutting a stone.
An arranged plate, like the flank of a ring.

The execution of this unique dish revealed the incredible similarity between the artisan's gestures. To create the gastronomic mirror of the Eros ring, Vivien Durand chose to cook his lobster with a blowtorch. He was inspired by the brazing technique specific to metals. As for Dominique Giuliani, he finely chopped the cauliflower with the precision of the lapidary who cuts and polishes his stones. Together, they have created this starred plate, mixing the demanding criteria of each know-how.

From this technical and artistic complicity was born a dish faithful to the authentic and modern cuisine of chef Vivien Durand. A gastronomic creation which could soon be included in the prestigious menu of Le Prince Noir.

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